Unisex Size Guide

XS                                                          Size   6 -8

Small                                                      Size   8-10

Medium                                                  Size  10-12

Large                                                      Size   12-14

XL                                                           Size   16-18

2XL                                                         Size   20-22

3XL                                                         Size   24-26

4XL                                                         Size   28-30

5XL                                                         Size   32-34

About us

All garments are made to order and hand pressed and made by ourselves, making each item slightly unique.

They are sent to you with love and care and lots of positive vibes. Remember

to sprinkle positivity everywhere.

Goodness is about character- integrity and moral courage. More than anything else it is about how we treat other people.

Warrior Tees

Creators of Empowering Mental Health Tees and Garments.

Sufferer of Anxiety and fighting to end the stigma.

10% of  all sales are donated in aid of the mind charity. 

Everyone has mental health; there can be times when you feel good and times when things can also feel really different.

Stigma and discrimination prevents people from seeking mental health care.

Raising awareness is so important!